Don’t Miss Your Only Chance Since Childhood To Visit The Asiad Circus!

Where | New Usmanpur Police Station, Near Hotel De Aqua, Shastri Park

Till | 24th – 26th October

For Tickets | Click Here

Riding a unicycle, juggling dozens of balls in one go and making people laugh! These are some of the things that we’ve come to associate with circuses. And if you missed your chance to attend one as a kid, here’s your opportunity! And the great thing is that the circus in town is probably the biggest Delhi has witnessed till date! Cool eh?

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The Asiad Circus is a one of a kind circus that has slowly made its way to the heart of Delhi. In fact, these guys will also be featuring both domestic and international acts. The glitter, the light show and the thundering noise of a thousand spectators will surely be one of the craziest things to witness before 2017 ends.

So, you can expect a few artists cycling down a wire on a unicycle. You can meet jugglers – who don’t just juggle balls but also, some really big squares made of metal pipes. Heck, if you check out the video these guys posted on Facebook you’ll even see cute dogs rushing down a slide as part of their own acts!

Anyway, what we’re saying is that you just cannot afford to miss out on a circus again! It won’t be here in Delhi for long and you must buy your tickets at the earliest! They host 3 shows every day at 1 pm, 3 pm and 7:30 pm.

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