Things To Do In Chandini Chowk Besides Hogging On Food

Chandini Chowk is often known for its labyrinth of dark alleys, appetizing street food, chaotic, bustling roads with vendors, tourists, shops and the infused magic that transports us in the old times. This busiest market, is the soul of Delhi. The whole place has got an intoxicating ambiance, that keeps the city connected in many ways. Though Chandini Chowk is famous for it’s lip smacking food, but you have a lot of other things to do! Here’s the list.

A walk through the heritage alleys

Tangled rusty cables, small shops to massive stores, medieval architecture of buildings, tea stalls on every corner, the bustling wholesale markets, and the aroma of delectable food from each and every street, this is Chandini Chowk! The alleys are always crammed with people, you need to find your way out from the bustling streets. Walking through these Gullies, is a must if you are in Delhi!


Sunday book market

All the bibliophiles out there, here’s a call for you! Sunday market is very famous for the endless collection of books, journals and magazines available at very reasonable prices. Thousands of books are available, from almost every genre. Just remember to carry big bags and wear comfortable shoes, the market is outspread within 1 km.



Cultural harmony

Chandini chowk is the witness of great cultural harmony as it is a famous religious hub. Do visit the centuries old, Sis Ganj Gurudwara, Jama Masjid, Central Baptist Church and Digambar Jain Mandir. They all stand peacefully together, from the medieval period!



The essence world

Very few people are aware of the itr or attar market in Chandini Chowk. Itr means perfume in Arabic and Chandini chowk is hub for the most subtle fragrances of itr and other essential oils. The market is located in Atta market,Chandini Chowk. There are hundreds of manufacturers, who also sell these traditional perfumes.




Brides! Get ready for your trousseau shopping 

The wedding trousseau is every bride’s dream, so all you need to do is hop on the metro and reach Chandini Chowk station. The place has got specific markets for everything,be it your Wedding attire, jewelry, invitation cards, cameras, sounds or lights, decor, dry fruits or anything you can imagine of, you can always find in these streets.



A visit to the Asia’s Biggest camera market

Did you know Chandini chowk is the home to Asia’s biggest and extensive camera market? Well yeah it is! Commonly known as the Kucha Chowdhary Market on Esplanade Road is heaven for photographers. People from around the country, come here to buy professional cameras, tripods, filters, albums, studio lights, camera bags and a lot more stuff!



In the aroma of spices

According to the history, the famous Khari Baoli- Asia’s largest spice market started back in 17th century and has continued till now! With millions of traders working here, you can see many shops and street vendors selling numerous spices not only Indian, but Afghanistani spices too! You can also buy a wide range of dryfruits . The aroma of these alleys and by lanes is divine!




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