The Tales of Brok-Pa at Nimai, Shahpurjat

Founded on 1 January 2012, Madsam Tinzin was started by four designers from NIFT Mumbai, Madhurima, Saumya, Tina and Stanzin with a vision to provide vitality to simple style and to create attires to revamp today’s woman. The focus of the brand is to use ground-breaking embroidery and pleasing silhouette and it caters to the  new generation of brides.

On the 10th of August 2016, Madsam Tinzin launched their Brok-Pa collection at Nimai, Shahpurat. Nestled in the village of Dha Hanu in Ladakh, the Brok-Pa tribe traces it’s origin to the members of Alexander’s lost army.

Here are the pictures of the collection displayed on the beautiful evening, inspired by the hill tribes of Ladakh.

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Photography and content by Pritiza Barua


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