Drop Everything! Gems Bond Waffle @ Patel Nagar Bakery Is Driving Us Nuts!

Where | 29/13, Opposite Pooja Park, East Patel Nagar

Price For Two | INR 250

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/Waffle-Singh-122615731774911/

Because we just can’t seem to make up our mind and it’s driving us nuts!! The flavour of this Gems Bond waffle with its silky smooth syrup and crackling gem topping is beyond crazy. So, if the name – Bond, Gems Bond, doesn’t make you drool, maybe this will! The exquisite plate of wafflea gift to mankind – topped with gems and chocolate syrup *mind explodes* is perfect for Sundays!!

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Drowning in an ocean of chocolate at Waffle Singh is probably the best Sunday plan! As if slathering the waffle with chocolate syrup wasn’t enough, you can now *crunch* and *munch* through all those popping gems till your jaw drops.

Now just wait for it!! The surprise doesn’t end there. True waffle lovers know that waffles – any waffle – without ice cream are just no fun. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could top this plate of waffles with vanilla ice cream?

*an almost orgasmic “oh yeahhhhhhhh”*

The cold ice cream cuts through the warm waffles like a knife through butter. And it drives up the flavour of the gems to the point of no return. Which, frankly, is sheer chocolate pleasure because the final mix of everything is heaven! And we’re so in love with this place!

So, before you head out – plan your Sunday well. Waffles are no more a meal to cherish. Its a bae to love because its life!

So, don’t just be a Bond. Be Gems Bond!!

Cover Image Courtesy | Guddu Sharma

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