#DubaiDiaries: Rocky And Mayur Live The Dubai Dream

dubai diaries

Final call for all food lovers! Flight 747 to Dubai is leaving soon. Rocky and Mayur are already aboard! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ever thought of travelling to the dazzling city of Dubai to experience the extreme high rises, sky blue ocean and MOST IMPORTANTLY the FOOOODDDD. Well here comes an all out presentation of not just the city but the very heart of it.


Dubai Diaries, the preeminent travel series of 10 episodes offers the Indian traveler an insider view of the premiere city of the Emirates – from food and fashion, shopping and entertainment, hotels and beaches to family fun sports and adventure. The show will be a fast paced, fun and lighthearted travelogue that will tell personal stories and experiences through the eyes of seasoned anchors who will, during the course of the show, add their own brand of personality to bring credibility to the show. So, we all will be in for a treat as the show will not just capture the glamour of the city through anchor stories, their interactions and experiences but also through the visual aesthetics  of the city itself.

Special Highlight:
Episode 8: Brunches & Street Food

dubai diaries

The Highwaymen are back! Rocky and Mayur, the Baadshahs of all foodies will be hosting episode 8 of the Dubai Diaries. Don’t know them? Shame. Rocky and Mayur are the kings of food when it comes highways. With over 1,20,000 kms covered in India itself the foodies are perhaps the best anchors for food shows. And now they bring their experience and credibility to help the Indian audience understand Dubai better. And not just the city but the very beating heart of it, that exists in the by lanes and streets, the markets and supermarkets of the city.

Why watch the series? Well here is why you should and must.

Dubai over the years has become the fastest growing travel destination for the middle class Indian, with sources in the Emirates claiming that of the 14.2 million tourists last year at least 1.6 million were from India alone. A whopping 26% year-on-year increase shows that Indians are gravitating towards the glamour and beauty of the premiere city. Further, there are 1.75 million expat Indians living in Dubai currently. This means that Dubai will soon start attracting more and more Indian families as the years roll by.

And that is where Dubai Diaries comes in. The show will not just cover the stories of the existing Indian citizen staying in Dubai but it will also work as a guide to the thousands of other Indians who will soon be travelling to the Emirates for a long and happy vacation. The aim of the show will be to function as an entertaining yet, educational guide to the city, its landscape, food and lifestyle. As the series goes on the anchors will also visit some important places such as the Ripe Organic Shop, which is the foremost place to buy organic fruit and vegetables in Dubai. They have a full range of organic items from fruit, vegetables, dairy, eggs, pantry items, gluten free, dairy free, superfoods and more.

dubai diaries

About The Episode With Dubai Diaries:

The Highwaymen will take the viewers on an alternative food journey through the streets and by lanes of Dubai. While there the two foodies will explore the fun, quirky and trendy heart of Dubai – from the Dubai Friday Bunch to the food truck festivals at Ripe Market to buying the best quality spices you can get your hands on. The episode will also include Arva Ahmed, one of the biggest foodies of Dubai, who will take the anchors to some of her favorite places to eat. Arva is the Founder and CEM (Chief Executive Muncher) of the Frying Pan Adventures, who will not just take the anchors but also the viewers of the show on a personal and up close tour of the city and its phenomenal food industry.

So, check out the show!! It is all we can say while we  try to keep our own excitement intact.


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