An exciting and challenging offroading experience with Land Rover

land rover experience

On August 5th, the DforDelhi team got an exciting break to experience offroading with Land Rover. This exclusive event took place at Dam Dama Lake. The intent of this event was to realise the power of these colossal luxury cars. Quite honestly to everyone’s surprise these dazzling cars proved their worth. It was the most exciting 45 minutes of the team’s week. The cars were an absolute beauty and oh the delight we experienced while driving these fast cars! These cars just wouldn’t stop, skid or tumble no matter how deep the pits were or how steep the hills were. 45 minutes and the car went on and on showcasing its merit and control. Land Rovers are magnificently built luxury cars and to sit in one and drive it around is a matter of sheer bliss. The view at Dam Dama Lake was beyond description, an array of 10 humongous cars making its way through the dense mud and witty terrain. One needs to witness the marvel of these hi-tech robots and the cutting edge machinery. It was a marvellous day and the car sure knows how to push limits and create new ones.

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Photo Credits: Team DforDelhi (Utkarsh Rao)

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