Sarojini Nagar market is back & better

It has apparently been reported by few online sources that our oh-so-favorite Sarojini Nagar market will  shut down for a vague duration of time because of the remonstration by the permanent shop owners that the street vendors are taking over their daily business and source of revenue. This news sent chills down every SN market shopper as this is one of the most bustling markets in the Delhi NCR & every street shopper’s favorite.  This news left the folks wondering what their next street shopping stop would be. Wouldn’t it be heart breaking if this news was true and Sarojini Nagar market was actually shutting down to our dismay?

sarojini nagar market

We all need to stop for a moment and thank Vagabomb who’s team went down to the market and found out that it was a one day protest and the market will soon be blossoming with colorful clothes, footwear and accessories again. This takes us back to 2012 where a very similar situation took place. The street vendors were ordered to remove their stalls and vacant the market. Within few days the vendors were back with the market flourishing as ever before. The only change that’ll be noticed in the market is that the lanes have gone wider and the market looks cleaner with fewer vendors. Visit Sarojini Nagar market soon to find out that it’s the same but with a better shopping experience now.

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