Exploring Luxury The Foodie Way At Noida’s Top Restaurant!

Where | Crowne Plaza, Institutional Green 1, Surajpur Chowk

Price For Two | INR 3,000

Have you ever experienced luxury of such heights that the food you order just melts your soul and mind? Well, we found these two great places in Noida that serve dishes that are absolute bombs! In fact, they even serve a delicious baked cheesecake with strawberry compote.

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ChaoBella and Mosaic at Crowne Plaza in Noida are two superb restaurants. Infectious af and bubbling with the spirit of never leaving a foodie hungry, if you’re reading this, this PLACE WILL DRIVE YOU MAD! So, what all do they have to offer?

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ChaoBella can easily make you fall in love! From a delicious plate of Spaghetti Montonealabolognese to a slice of their Margherita Pizza, once you start eating their food, there’s no going back! In fact, they have two ‘out of the world menus’ that feature the best from the Chinese and Italian cuisines! So, while here, do give their Shredded Lamb in XO sauce and their Char Grilled Rosemary Lamb cutlets with spiced eggplant a try.

Imagine trying out all these amazing dishes in the most luxurious way EVER!

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And now coming to Mosaic. Remember we alluded to the luxury part of this restaurant? Well, here’s where luxury meets a foodie’s soul! Think about it! You can hog on so many street food items here that it’s not even funny! In fact, their tandoori chicken is an absolute bomb and we still can’t figure out how we missed it all these years! Try their – Mirchi Paneer Tikka, Kachumber Lamb Seekh and Grilled Diced Steak with Yakiniku Sauce!

Ps. if you’re one of those foodies who is fasting this Navratri. Don’t worry! The good people here at ChaoBella and Mosaic have some amazing vegetarian dishes waiting JUST FOR YOU!

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