Fifty Shades of Dim Sum @ Kylin Premier

The Kylin Story

In 2005, Saurabh Khanijo introduced Delhi to its very first Oriental Lounge Bar. The Kylin Experience nestled in a quiet corner of the bustling Basant Lok Market. This Oriental Lounge made its place in many a hearts, serving the most authentic Oriental cuisine and the finest Japanese Whiskey and Sake. By 2011, as we celebrated the sixth anniversary of Kylin, we gifted Delhites the Kylin Premier. Unlike anything you may have experienced before, Kylin Premier is the one of the few places with a live Teppanyaki and sushi counters. In just a few weeks, Kylin Premier captured the imagination of people, becoming the most popular fine dining restaurant and lounge bar.

So we visited Delhi’s premier location for authentic oriental cuisine the Kylin, Vasant Kunj for its Fifty Shades of Dim Sum. Kylin Premier brings you a delicious and indulgent way to express the entire spectrum of your love for dim sum. The sophisticated and chic Asian dining destination is taking it a notch higher with a promotion that showcases the many varieties of dim sum you can try. Fifty shades of Dim Sum is a month long festival where you can try  a new variety of Dim Sums.


These shades of dim sum cover the entire spectrum from classic dim sum, to wontons, curried dimsum, rolls, baos and soupy dim sum as well. The special menu prepared for 50 shades of Dim Sum is divided across three sections, offers a choice of delicious classic, royal and premier dim sum options. The classic dimsums are priced at INR 199, the royals are priced at INR 299 and the premier is priced at INR 399. Opt for pieces like the “chicken and chives” and “mushroom dim sum”, or a “rainbow vegetable” dim sum from the crystal selection. Choose from soupy wantons to delicious sui mai, as well as chocolate wantons. Soft and fluffy baos, and kim chi rolls complete the sections as well.



Explore, enjoy and discover your favourite dim sum only at Kylin Premier this August.

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