OMG!! This Three-Day Booze Fest In Town Is Offering Exotic Peruvian Liquor!!

There Is A Three-Day Booze Fest In Town With Exotic Peruvian Liquor!!

When | 8th – 10th December

Where | Perch, PCO ( Delhi) and Lock and Key (Gurgaon)

Timings | 8:00 pm to 12:00 am

As the year is coming to an end, here is another reason for you to celebrate. ‘Pisco is Peru’ is coming to town this weekend, and we cannot keep calm! It is a three-day long celebration of Pisco – a Peruvian liquor, gaining popularity in India.

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After being around for over 400 years, and being a favourite of Peruvians of all age groups, Pisco is said to be the ‘essence of Peru‘. The versatile liquor is made up of grapes and is known for its smooth hit.

The aim of the three-day fest is to celebrate a fun, new liquor. It will be taking place across the city in some of the most happening bars of the NCR region. You will get to witness Peru’s finest culture and music at this festival. Cocktail lovers will find their prayers answered, with some of the most lip-smacking, head hitting drinks like Pisco Sour and Mumbai Magic.

The festival will bring together alcohol connoisseurs from across the world as they will raise a glass to celebrate Pisco. It will also be taking place in Mumbai the same weekend.

Gear yourselves for a weekend celebrating Pisco-based cocktails, infused with Peruvian culture and music!

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