This Is Something Amazing! Have You Heard Of The ‘Chai-logues’ In HKV?

This Is Something Amazing! Have You Heard Of The 'Chai-logues' In HKV?

Where | A Little Anarky Films, Hauz Khas Village

When | 9th December

Timings | 04:30 pm – 07:00 pm

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Straight to the point? A chai-logue is an interactive platform for individuals to come together! To discuss issues pertaining to mental health and well being, but most importantly body image. For far longer than we would like to accept, calling someone fat or body shaming using some other ‘words‘ is bad enough. And to think that it does not cause any mental stress is a serious aberration of the truth!

What started in April 2017 as a platform for discussionchai-logue has turned into a public forum! In their own words –

“It’s a non-judgemental space where everyone can come & share. And not just their thoughts, but the deepest of their feelings in a setting that is nothing more than a warm cup of ‘chai’, unconditional and free.”

Coming back with yet another edition, everyone here is a learner! And while the entire discussion is presided over by trained facilitators, the hosts solemnly believe that nobody is an expert.

So, if you’re someone who’s been bullied or have stood up against bullies in the past – this forum is for you!

 Cover Image Courtesy | Bedlam

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