Find The Colourful Brilliance Reflected Through Jagdish Store’s ‘Winter Wonder’ Collection

Where | 43, Near Moolchand Hospital, Part-3, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Also available in | Kolkata, Ludhiana

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One a fine Tuesday evening we found ourselves looking out at the beautiful sunshine. Something that is very rare these days. But as the colours cracked through the leaves of the trees in front – we noticed inspiring and beautiful hues that bathe our front room in amazing colours. Yet, the lonely spaces of our front room, we realised, could just as easily look magnificent. And that’s when we came across this list of attractive home decor items that blew our minds away!

Thinking of redecorating our rooms – we found an amazing partner in Jagdish Store! The brilliantly stocked up store near Moolchand Hospital is an inspiring house of home decor. One that doesn’t just sell home decor products -their products sell themselves and the customers keep coming back for more!

What really blew us away here though were the beautifully crafted cloths for sofas, bedding products, bath linens, tapestries and carpets – an expansive list of products inspires luxury.

And here’s the kicker – the good people here at Jagdish Store have rolled out their brand new winter season collection. And people are going mad over them! Their blankets have been handpicked from Caldo Nido (Japan), Mora (Spain) and Pierre Cardin (France) – ones that call for a few snuggling moments this winter.

From blankets that have been handpicked from Spain to ultralight enchanting Jaipuris – the colour and the soft features of the cloth made us want to sleep off as soon as they touched our skin. And it doesn’t even end there! They have also rolled out a never before seen, enviable collection of pillows from Spain. (Now you know why we felt like dozing off right? Trust us though. You will want to do the same!)

So, before you think of going anywhere else to redecorate your home, think of Jagdish Store. The hospitable and approachable service here alone will make you feel like home. And their products will drive you insane!


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