For INR 30 A Pop, These Paan Kulfis Are Perfect For Brain Freeze In This Heat!

For INR 30 A Pop, These Paan Kulfis Are Perfect For Brain Freeze In This Heat!

Is the Delhi heat getting on your nerves? How about some kulfi solutions to beat the heat? With outlets across Delhi for paan, Delhites tend to overlook the special places in the city that offer Paan + Kulfi. A harmonic meet of two amazing after meal dessert – the Paan Kulfi is a delicious mix of the two favourite pass times of Dilli. Startin’ just INR 30, some of these haunts produce the best in the line of kulfis, be it malai, rabri or kesar kulfi. With a deliciously sinful taste, the Paan Kulfi has a certain charm that is missed in other types. In fact, if had fresh, these kulfis will surely give a ‘ghamasan’ brain freeze!

Chaudhary Sweets Corner

A humble confectionery shop in Kamla Nagar, Chaudhary Sweets Corner is unmistakenly one of the best places to hog on Paan Kulfi. And while Kamla Nagar has many a haunt that offers kulfis, this place has to be the best when you feel like going bonkers and quirky.

Location | 10/18, Shakti Nagar, Near Roshanara Club, Kamla Nagar

And Pay | INR 30 for one paan kulfi stick

Mangle Di Kulfi

Yet another cheap, but sensational way to beat the heat, Mangle Di Kulfi is a small shop in Old Railway Road that offers 9 types of Kulfis. Of course, the star of the menu is the Paan Kulfi but if you really like to experiment, we would highly recommend a bite of 2mango kulfi too!

Location | 154-B, New Colony Road, Old Railway Road, Gurgaon

And Pay | INR 35

Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale

Possibly the oldest place in Delhi and maybe even the world, Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale is Delhi’s best-known kulfi joint. Serving mind blowing kulfis, including the Paan Kulfi, these guys quite literally bring the heaven down to our mouths with their amazing flavours. While here you can also take a bite of Fig and Gulab Kulfi!

Location | 526, Kucha Pati Ram, Sita Ram Bazar, Chawri Bazar

And Pay | INR 60


One of South Delhi’s heavyweights, Kulfiano, is a beautiful rendition of the modern touch that Kulfi needs. Sure, they haven’t changed the look or feel of the dessert but guess what? These guys offer 26 types of Kulfis and one of them, also one of the best is the Paan Kulfi.

Location | 9-A, Hauz Khas Village

And Pay | INR 60 for regular and INR 90 for large

So, you know the best places to hog on delicious paan kulfi! Must you wait anymore to bring your squad together? *SCOOT* people!

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