Forget About Parathe Wali Gali, This Place In GK Serves Over 100 Types Of Parathas

Where | Not Just Parathas, GK1 M-Block

Price for two | Rs 1100

Whether we are looking for a midnight snack, or a scrumptious breakfast, our number one choice is a butter dripping hot paratha.

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With 100+ varieties of paranthas on their menu, Not Just Parathas can cure all your parantha cravings right here in the heart of South Delhi.

Known for serving paranthas just like those from the one and only Paranthe Wali Gali, this place has Dt. Diet Paranthas, regular ones, premium ones, Pocket Paranthas, Chur Chur Paranthas, Italian Pizza Paranthas, Continental Sandwich Paranthas and many, MANY more!

Apart from these they also have a menu for the diet conscious including soyabean, papaya, rajma, chana dal pyaz, achari mushroom, papad, baby corn and more.

Not sticking to their name, They also have a range of dry and gravy meats and veggies to go with your bread. There’s literally no need to head on over to Old Delhi anymore because Not Just Paranthas is our all-new saviour!

And the highest point for every Delhi wala ever! They’ve got a Butter Chicken Chur Chur Paratha on the menu guys!

Turn your cars back here Paratha lovers!

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