7 Cuisines, 7 Live Stations, 101 Types Of Ice Teas @VK’s Best Restaurant!

Where | 3rd Floor, Dlf Emporio Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg

When did you last visit a restaurant offering 7 different cuisines, cooked in 7 different live stations & all under one roof? And if this is starting to get you excited, wait! ‘Cause there’s so much more to look forward to!

SET’Z in Vasant Kunj is one those stellar places with an infectious personality that attracts people like bees to honey! The restaurant has few distinct components that are unique in design – a bar lounge, walk-in wine cellar, centrally aligned dining area with private & semi-private rooms & a charming terrace!

But what really caught our eye this time, visiting the place was their fantastic liquor menu!

Startin’ with Glenmorangie – the Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey – its texture, if you’re a scotch lover, will drive you insane! It was smooth beyond our wildest dreams & its flavour was almost sweet to touch – so obvious when it comes to Highland Single Malt! But, trust us, when we tell you that it’s better than most other Highland Single Malts, if not the best.

But, but guys! We know that not everyone is a Scotch fan, so if you’re one of those people, get this! SET’Z understands you and knows exactly what will cheer you up! A tall glass of their premium ice tea! Which, by the way, is part of a brand new menu with 101 new ice teas & Prohibition-era cocktails! Can you believe that? Or did you just fall out of your bed, like we did?

Crazy right? Mixed with super tasty elements that add textural fun to the drinks, SET’Z has created and perfected these drinks to the T! So, don’t just sit there planning your next getaway!

Get all your friends in one car and start revving the engine toward SET’Z!

Cover Image Courtesy | SET’Z

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