GK’s New Restaurant Offers Sushi Rolls, Dreamy Lighting & Pan Asian Meals!

Where | Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, GK-3

Price For Two | INR 1,200

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/THEVELVETROOMDELHI/

A fabulous new place has opened up in GK-3 and looking at its interiors, we’re in love! And it’s not just the ambience that’s feeding us luxurious feels, it’s the food & the good people! In fact, we visited The Velvet Room on its launch day and, trust us, we’ve never had so much fun in our lives.

Bright lights greet your eyes, fun pops of red, black and golden leave you gasping for more and yes, you’re in love too! But, what’s the holdup? Let us brag a little more about this place and then you can visit it. ‘Cause the food is superb and you cannot brag about the place without first talking about the food!

We told you right that they offer sushi rolls? Well, it’s not just the sticky rice inside or the nori that makes it so special – it’s the filling and the sauce that take it to an entirely new level! Couple that with their delicious cocktails – you’re in heaven ya’ll!

Now, yes now, you can head over to the Velvet Room. Enjoy their electrifying ambience, put on your dance shoes and hammer out the night with delicious meals and drinks!

Images’ Courtesy | The Velvet Room

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