GK’s New Rooftop Cafe Serves Stunning Chocolate Gulab Jamuns!

Where | N-8, Second Floor, N Block Market, GK-1

Price For Two | INR 2,200

Facebook Page | https://www.facebook.com/GrayGlobalKitchen/

Let’s close our eyes in silence for all who think Chocolate Gulab Jamun didn’t exist! Well they do, it’s very much real and we’re absolutely losing it. Imagine taking a bite of gulab jamuns made with & oozing chocolate!

Photo Source

Gray Global Kitchen & Bar has a rad menu full of amazing dishes! And from the space in between those lines of dishes comes the Chocolate Gulab Jamun.

Photo Courtesy | Gray Global Kitchen & Bar

The gulab jamun is a mix of two of our favourite dishes in the world! Mixed in the batter and filled with chocolate – the Choco Gulab Jamun is everyone’s sinful retreat!

The soft inside, coupled with the beautiful texture outside is a flavourful bomb that you cannot ignore! In fact, with the beautiful rooftop, a smooth gust of wind and warm lighting – the entire experience of eating the Choco Gulab Jamun is ambrosial!

So, sit back in the easy chairs, chill with friends & take a bite of the dessert of the CE.

Cover Image Courtesy | Gray Global Kitchen & Bar

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