Party Hard This Halloween With Indigo Deli


Spooky, creepy, dark and ghoulish are some of the words that come to our mind when we think about Halloween. Well here is an invitation for a Halloween party hosted by Indigo Deli, Cyber Hub. The party will be the perfect occasion for people to dress up, go out and have a fun evening whilst exploring your dark side. So here is a big shout out to all those nocturnal creatures in need for a special treat to celebrate the spirit of the occasion.


Key Highlights Of The Party:

  • With amazing treats and absolutely no tricks up their sleeves, all are invited to Indigo Deli for night of eating, dancing and drinking.
  • Food menu includes Graveyard Sandwich, Death Valley’s carrot risotto, snow peas and glazed shallots with candied ginger and parmesan.
  • Goblins blood and house citrus salad for the savoury fare to the Davy Jone’s pumpkin and pecan pot pie and the very bloody cheese cake for the with a sweet tooth.
  • And finally, frighteningly great cocktails and drinks.

Warning: If you refuse this invite, something bad will happen… you will miss out on all the fun.

Date: 31st October 2016

Address: Indigo Deli, Cyber Hub, UGF/B/2C, Building 10B, DLF Cyber hub. Gurugram, DLF Cyber City

For Directions: Click Here

For Reservation: +911(24)-4528999


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