5 Pocket-friendly eateries in Hauz Khas

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A shout- out to the foodies out there! It’s time to unveil the affordable and delicious eateries of Hauz Khas, and break the perception that stereotypes the place as an only- elite zone offering the most expensive food. The standards of the place are high, so are those of food, but not that of the prices everywhere.  Let us make you traverse that another dimension, past the stereotypes, through a tour of the best five reasonable food joints here:

  1. Granny’s Secret

Granny's Secret

For a true waffle-lover, Granny’s Secret is the ultimate haven. With secret ingredients right from Granny’s diary, these waffles give you an experience of a lifetime and make your taste buds crackle in tempting more. Priced low, it’s perfect if you want to grab something exceptional and not be too harsh on your pocket either.

The menu is flooded with all favorite flavors ranging from Sugar & Honey Waffles to Maple Syrup Waffles and everything in between. (all available as crepes too)

  • Where: 33, Hauz Khas village.
  • What not to miss: Taking your love for waffles a step higher, Granny now has a Double Trouble Waffle Cake. Only a pseudo foodie would not try.
  • Meal for two: 350
  1. The Hippie Trail

The hippie trail

When bored and adrenaline seeks a rush, just pounce in here. With the interiors embellished in a homely touch, the place is no less than home away from home. The décor is equipped with low tables, mattresses, cushions and window seating, perfectly befitting to be called a mountain café. Hence, you can feel free to share your travel experiences here.

  • Where: 13A, Hauz Khas Village (past Frankie’s)
  • What not to miss: The Lebanese menu and their inventive Ginger Lemon Honey Green Tea.
  • Meal for two: 400
  1. Kunzum Travel Cafe

Kunzum Cafe

Are you stuck by wanderlust? Well then you are surfing the right trajectory because Kunzum café is an epitome of just that. More than a café, it serves an exploratory place for travelers of course and also amateurs from different genres; blogging and photography. The place is your cradle for solace and also interactions.

  • Where: T- 49, Hauz Khas village.
  • What not to miss: The well stocked library and whipped coffee.
  • Meal for two: Pay as you like, literally.
  1. Welcome Point

welcome point

With an ambience of a roadside dhaba, the eatery treats finger-licking food to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Endowed with colorful stools sown around and menus pasted on the shoddy walls, this place never disappoints your taste buds or your wallet.

  • Where: 33, Hauz Khas village.
  • What not to miss: The rolls, both vegetarian and non- vegetarian, that come with add- ons like double filling, egg or mayonnaise.
  • Meal for two: 350
  1. Wow! Momo

wow momos

Get away from the usual, common momos and stride in the paradise of it, if you’re genuinely a Momos’ lover. Wow! Momo, besides consistent quality, promises a menu so diverse that no orders here come quick. Delve in the love for momos here and also, the multiplicity of its forms.

  • Where: 258, Deer Park, Hauz Khas
  • What not to miss: Chicken and cheese pan fried momos with Schezwan sauce. *drools a little*
  • Meal for two: 350


Craving already? Get going to Hauz Khas.









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