Rooftop Restaurants, For a Beautiful Weekend in Delhi

Winters are ready to bid goodbye and there isn’t a season better to get out. And when it comes to dining in a weather so pleasant, rooftop restaurants are the clear winners. While eating under the stars can never be bad at any place, we picked out 5 spots that make even the good experience, a lot better.  Go ahead, pick what suits you. Happy dining!


  1. Market Café


For those who wish to enjoy a sumptuous meal gazing at the Delhi skyline, Market Cafe is the place to be. Not only is the ambience more than just dreamy but also full of energy, and their great collection of music only adds up to your experience. Hop here either in your suit or in your colorful pajamas, and be assured that there is no chance you feel out of place. Delhi, good job on this one!

  • Where: 8, 2nd floor, Khan Market, New Delhi.
  • What not to miss: The Mezze Platter and their Aglio Olio Pasta. Tastes best when served with a pint.
  • Meal for two: 1400


  1. The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe


Chances are that you have heard of this beautiful, tiny rooftop restaurant, a hundred times already. Enough procrastination done, visit this place the coming Sunday, sit on its rooftop, and bask a little sun or moonlight while also enjoying a casual dining experience. Famous for Bihari deliciacies, it will also be a great relief from the all time popular in India- Italian and Chinese. Colorful walls with huge windows all over, it makes the place look only brighter, bigger and better.

  • Where: 116-C, 4th floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi.
  • What not to miss: Pakora Basket, Dhamaka Maggie, Little Chokha and Baggia Basket. Yes, all of these.
  • Meal for two: 1000


  1. AM PM Cafe & Bar

AM PM Cafe & Bar

If you want to grab a seat at their pretty rooftop, any time of the weekend, we will suggest you reserve yourself a table. (West Delhi, you have bragged yourself brownie points for this lovely cafe). You can’t be here and not enjoy; their mix tapes are so nicely done that you wouldn’t stop grooving. And their sheesha is out of the world, no second thoughts there.

  • Where: J 2/5, B.K Dutt Market, Rajorui Garden, New Delhi.
  • What not to miss: Chicken Shawarama Pockets, Thai Curry and Beer Batter Fish, a combination to die for.
  • Meal for two: 1500



  1. Rooftop By Crazy Kitchen

rooftop by crazy

Their name says it all. A complete rooftop restaurant; grab yourself a table here if you are looking for some privacy, and watch with your loved ones the cloud streaked horizon as the sun sets. Hopelessly romantic, this place demands to be revisited every now and then.  They customize needs and make sure you are smiling throughout!

  • Where: 37, Near HDFC ATM, Satya Niketan, New Delhi.
  • What not to miss: Smoked Chicken Pizza, Barbeque Paneer Sandwich, paired with Chocolate Shake.
  • Meal for two: 500


  1. Woodbox Cafe

Woodbox Cafe

Their seating is so elaborate that it might as well take you an hour or two to figure out where exactly do you want to place yourself, but we suggest their rooftop; D For Delhi’s personal favorite. Interiors with wood done so well that you would want to pick up stuff on your way back home. (Don’t, okay?) The terrace has low seating and trees around make you feel absolutely delightful. And they score 5.5/5 for food; yes, that good.

  • Where: 1, DDA Market, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi.
  • What not to miss: Order anything and they won’t disappoint you but we really love their special WBC Pasta and Oreo Shake.
  • Meal for two: 600
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