Here’s Every Upcoming Music Festival You Just Cannot Miss Out On!

If at all you’re one of those people who dream of going to Tomorrowland one day, WAKE UP! India too has some amazing music festivals. And they are coming your way faster than the speed of light and we can’t wait to tell you about them! Why, did you ask? Because these festivals can easily rival the likes of Tomorrowland, Coachella and much more.

I. Enchanted Valley Carnival

Enchanted Valley Carnival at Aamby Valley City in Lonavla is probably one of the best music festivals in India. With head banging music, groovy tunes and sick beats playing through the night, you just cannot miss out on this! In fact, we heard some rumours that they might be bringing DJ Khaled and Shawn Mendes this time around. You can read about it here.

When | 16th and 17th December

Where | Aamby Valley, Lonavla

II. Jodhpur RIFF at Mehranghar Fort

Rajasthan International Folk Festival is a beauty and one of the most famous music festivals of Rajasthan! The festival started in 2007 under the patronage of Mick Jagger – Rolling Stones’ frontman. Jodhpur RIFF gives you a glimpse into the beauty of the Rajasthani culture as several home grown musicians make you groove to their traditional tunes!

When | 5th to 9th October

Where | Mehranghar Fort, Jodhpur

III. Magnetic Fields at Alsisar Mahal

Dubbed one of the sickest festivals in India, Magnetic Fields can rival the tunes and ambience of every international music festival! In fact, they bring both homegrown musicians and international ones too. And the best part? The festival takes place inside a palace and you can set up your own tents or enjoy the starry nights in one of their own!

When | 15th to 17th December

Where | Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati

IV. Udaipur World Music Festival

Possibly one of the biggest music festivals in India, Udaipur World Music Festival brings together more than 150 musical acts! And guess what? They come from 16 different countries! The artists are both established big shots and also, beginners in the music industries.

When | 9th to 11th February 2018

Where | Multiple Venues Across Jodhpur

V. World Sacred Spirit Festival

A scintillating experience, an electric festival that lasts 2 days, World Sacred Spirit Festival is just too good to be missed! With Sufism sitting smack in the middle of its lap, the name of the festival says it all. For all who wish to reach Nirvana through music, this is the place to be!

When | 16th to 17th February 2018

Where | Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

VI. ASEAN India Music Festival

The ASEAN India Music Festival, this October, is bringing some amazing South East Asian cultural music! And if you thought that that was enough, think again. The festival will be held under the aegis of Seher India, an organisation that takes initiatives in the sphere of painting, sculpture, theatre, dance, music!

When | 6th to 8th October

Where | Purana Qila

VII. International Jazz Festival

The annual Jazz Festival is coming back to town this September and we’re already out our weekend accordingly! Last year, a plethora of renowned artists like Matan Chapnzky & The Rimon, Ejazz with Jota had played some sick tunes. And we bet this year’s lineup will also be just as rad as last year!

When | 23rd to 25th September

Where | Nehru Park

So, are you ready party hard with some amazing tunes and sick beats playing in the background?

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