Missed Out On 2017’s Biggest HR Conclave? Here’s What The Speakers Had To Say!

HR Conclave

Hansraj College recently hosted 2017’s biggest HR Conclave! For background let’s discuss India’s situation right now! India is living in an economy that has required some really harsh measures in an attempt to revive it. And in the process many people have lost their jobs, hence their livelihoods! Hansraj College is hosting a group of professionals & industry leaders who have tons of knowledge to share & talk about!

30 Second Window:

  • Neenv, The Human Resource Development Cell of Hansraj College hosted the HR Conclave. Their aim was to make people aware of the growing need to have stronger HR laws.
  • The entire event was an interactive session with a panel of industry leaders & professionals. 9 extremely talented, top players in the corporate world & individual foundations!

HR Conclave

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I. Mr. Brijendra Kumar Dhup, HR Director, KPMG

The first speaker, Mr. Brijendra beautifully commenced the Conclave by talking on ‘Leaders are dreamers.’ The entire session was like sitting in front of Steve Jobs, who once very famously said – we have to do this differently, not better, differently!

II. Dr. Sandeep Gandhi, CHRO, Aircel Maxis Group

Dr. Sandeep spoke about life skills & mastering life as a whole – thereby hosting an engaging session with the audience. His speech bordered on finding a goal in life, that you don’t scratch off when done, you build upon it to make it better!

III. Mr. Rahul Maheshwari, Founder, AAW Production

One of the youngest people in the panel, Mr. Rahul interacted with the audience on a personal level, sharing his life experiences and giving students guidance on how to have a vision in life.

IV. Mr. Pranav Poddar, Director, Synergy Environics

Mr. Pranav enlightened the audience on the topic ‘IMPACT OF WORK PRODUCTIVITY ON THE EMPLOYEES.’ All economics students understood the significance of such matters but for those didn’t or don’t.. Understand that the more productive you become as an employee, the more successful you become.

V. Mr. Monis Shamsi, FOUNDER, YOUCAN FOUNDATION, and Mr. Jitender Panihar, HEAD HR, HEALTHKART

The panel discussion including Mr. Monis & Mr. Jitender discussed the role of HR in start-ups, how the Human Resource Management in start-ups is different than that of major companies.

VI. Mr. Amol Parashar

Mr. Amol shared his journey from being a student at IIT Delhi to being a teenage sensation and star at TVF. He engaged the crowd with a joyous interactive session with buckets full of knowledge!

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  • That you, in the meanwhile, check out their Facebook page for more information!

So, don’t worry if you missed out on this. Hopefully, Hansraj will host another next year!

Where: Hansraj College, North Campus

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