Meaty Hunger Pangs? Head To These Food Joints In Town For A Full Meal @ Throwaway Prices!

Food Joints

For the love of chicken one must head to that Old Delhi friend’s house. Or you can just listen to us & gorge on this list of some of the best places in Delhi-NCR to have chicken!

Food Joints

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30 Second Window:

  • Chicken is better than that person who said he/she will die for you. Chicken actually died for you, chicken is true love!
  • These places we have highlighted below are food joints that have it all – barbecue to grill to normal kadhai chicken!
  • So, head to these places in & around town to have a meal that you will never forget! Drooling yet? Good for you!
I. Indian Accent – The Manor

India Accent, as the name suggests, is everything Indian made quirky & fun! By vote, if you check out any food review blog, the one thing you will find common in all is the 5 star rating! In fact, their food was so good that we couldn’t help but feel sad about the 5 stars! These guys should be given more than 5 stars! Who in their right mind would actually pass on an opportunity to eat Chefs special food menu with Chefs special wines. And the best part? It’s got both bombs of chicken made succulent to the core & veggie delights that will remind you of Popeye The Sailor Man! Besides, you can also gorge on their menu that covers the culinary basics of everything Indian. The ambience of the place is simple, made easy but once the food comes out and the air fills up with that succulent meals’ aroma… Trust us your taste buds will go crazy!

Where: The Manor, 77, Friends Colony, New Delhi

II. Whiskey Samba

No, these do not add whiskey to all their meals. That was our first reaction, a rather childish one, but let’s face it. When it comes to food, who wouldn’t want to be a child instead? You’re 6 years old, your mommy ain’t here & your taste buds are going FOOOOOOODDDDDDD!! So, when you know that everyone gives children a free ride in life, ’cause they look cute & hungry with their puppy eyes going *sniff*, why not help yourself to a little bit of fantasy? Anyway, getting to the food! Getting eating ’cause they got some beautifully cooked Truffle Mushroom Bao, Tagarashi Cripsies, Cured Duck with Coriander Roots & Carpaccio of Shrimp. They also have an extensive collection of fine whiskeys, so if you’re a fan of the spirit, head here!

Where: Two Horizon Center, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

III. Cafe Yell

Cafe Yell, as the very name suggests, is everything food that will make you yell with joy! Ever heard of the movie Sound of Music? An experience in Cafe Yell is very much like the movie, only titled Sound of Food..gone yummy dummy doo!!! So, the place – of course – screams food & good vibes! But the real deal starts when you have start with the starters all the way to the main course & desserts! Try the Bruscetta (veg & non veg), Yell Nachos & Fish Finger for starters. The Penne Alfredo pasta for main course. And Yell Cookie Blast for desserts!

Where: 35, Ground Floor, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony

IV. Bon Barbecue

“I will make him a chicken he will never forget!” said Bon Barbecue. We said, bring it on! Trust us, they did cook us a chicken meal that we still can’t forget. And the best part? The barbecue allows you to put as little or as much oil as you want! So, health freaks! Head to this place for a meal that will make you go urghhh… why didn’t I try this before? Also, the food here is best served in a buffet fashion, so if ever you feel that your pocket ain’t jingling enough with nickles & dimes, head here for a pocket friendly!

Where: F-90, 1st-2nd Floor, Vishal Enclave, Opposite TDI Paragon Mall, Rajouri Garden

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to each of these places to get your chicken cravings satisfied!

So, date plans? Head to these joints bruh!

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