If French Fries Are Your Love, Then You Don’t Need To Visit McDonald’s Every Time!

If French Fries Are Your Love, Then You Don't Need To Visit McDonald's Every Time!

McDonald’s is shutting shop across Delhi. And while every one of us loves their French Fries, it’s not the only place you can get amazing fries to chill out this weekend! So, check out this list of top french fries place in Delhi where pigging out on fries is like stepping into heaven!

30 Second Window:

  • All the restaurants listed below are one of the best and famous restaurants situated in Delhi.
  • Since we cannot let our love for fries ever fade away, why let the closing down of McDonalds stop us all eh? 

KFC is known for its delicious chicken burgers and chicken buckets. What more can we ask for besides some crunchy fries to go with a delicious meal, right? Now that McDonalds is closing down most of its outlets, we don’t think that there is any other better place than KFC to grab a packet of fries that too just for 60 bucks!

Location | Vasant Square Mall

Burger King

If you haven’t been to Burger King, you haven’t lived at all. As the name suggests, this restaurant is the King of all the burgers in town. Here you can take your free King headgear and munch on some lip smacking fries feeling like the King that you are. How cool is that?

Location | C-21, Outer ring road, SDA Extension, Gole Market

Burger Singh

From burgers that are under 100 bucks and our favourite street drinks like Banta, Burger King is where you wanna be! Grab your favourite sides like BBQ chicken wings glazed with honey and tangy BBQ along with some yummy fries. Sounds like a perfect meal to us! If you are thinking that the fries served over here are just normal fries, then no! You are wrong. Here you can order Hot Shock fries, Dilli 6 fries and Moroccan fries! We just can’t hold our excitement in, can you?

Location | SDA Market


Potet is basically heaven for all the french fry lovers . Here you can get not two, not three, not four, but five types of fries! *Whoot Whoot*. We are sure that you are already getting ready and making plans to eat at Potet today. Aren’t you? Don’t forget to try the Madras fries that has a perfectly balanced flavour and just the right amount of spices that you need.

Location | A-21, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Block A, Green Park


Barcelos is famous for it’s red, black and white gourmet burgers. But, did you know that Barcelos also serves fries that are to die for? If not, then go see for yourself. Once you order fries from Barcelos, you’ll forget all about McDonalds and thats a bet!

Location | 1st Floor, Building 2, Safdarjung Development Area, Hauz Khas

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  • That you stop weeping over McDonald’s now and head toward these amazing places in town that serve the best fries ever. Hurray!

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