Found Yourself In GK1 Make Sure To Have Paan From Evergreen Shop!

Paan is India’s favourite post-dinner mouth freshener, and while there are many paan-walas all over Delhi there is indeed no one that can match the preciseness of Prince Paan Corner.

The owner of the shop, Yash Tekwani believes that he is the master of the ‘the art’ of paan-making. He has transformed the paan shop that he had inherited from his father into a sought-after multi-chain brand with nine stores, including two in Thailand.

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He wishes to open one in London soon.

The tiny shop is decorated with framed images of Tekwani’s pictures with celebrities, mostly Bollywood stars! There are pictures of Tekwani posing with Sridevi, shaking hands with Akshay Kumar, offering paan to Shah Rukh Khan and Lata Mangeshkar.

The secret behind the success of his paan shop, he says, is the recipe his father created–which rid the paan of its stained image. Their paan does not colour your lips red and create spit in your mouth. It is about fragrance and a feeling of freshness.

The shop offers around two dozen varieties of paans, including saffron, chocolate and Katrina and Kareena ‘specials’. The Katrina special, has no katha-chuna, and the Kareena special only has mint in it.

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A paan at Prince Paan Corner could cost between Rs 30 and Rs Rs 1,100. Their costliest paan is the ‘honeymoon special’ which contains certain herbs with aphrodisiac properties. But the most popular paan these days is the ‘fire paan’ with inflammable cloves that are set ablaze before placing in the mouth.

While everyone likes to have paan for refreshment, and Prince Paan Corner believes they have made eating paan cool!

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