5 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss A Visit To Indus Flavour In Hudson Lane!

Indus Flavour

Amidst the peppy lanes of Hudson, where fast food is the most preferred pick of students, there is a pure veg North Indian restaurant called Indus Flavour. The place is always packed with people waiting outside and this got us curious. Hence, we decided to visit Indus Flavour to get to the actuality. And to our surprise, this place is quite the treat.

30 Second Window:

  • Indus Flavour has a magical presence that screams Indus Valley essence in all its meals, drinks & even the ambience!
  • North Campus has some really cool restaurants that never seem to grow old! But Indus Flavor takes the cake in such matters. Why? Here’s why!

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5 Reasons To Visit Indus Flavour:

  1. Indus Flavour is a restaurant based on the Indus Valley. With a soothing decor they plate one of the best North Indian in the city. Their dishes are just perfect, balancing on the taste and quantity. 
  2. They have a special menu for students which is set at a lesser price then that for others. So, do not forget to carry your student identity cards.
  3. The complimentary shots of appetiser on a tray with dry ice and complimentary popcorns filled with liquid nitrogen is quite the catch.
  4. The place has the most friendly staff. They serve with so much care and replace anything that you feel is not upto mark. Its almost as if you’re enjoying a hearty meal at home.
  5. Oh! and not to forget, when you are done feasting, they serve Pan Gujiya at the end. And mark my words, you can’t be satisfied having just one.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • If you are in a mood of devouring in ambrosial North Indian and happen to be in North Campus, visit this place!
  • If you have a thing for sweet curries, then surely order Malai Kofta Masala. It is a lush combo of sweet and sponge.

So, go get the freebies along with the flavoursome dishes at Indus Flavour.

Where: 2510, Ground Floor, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Price For Two: INR 700

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