INR 200 And Your Daily Sweet Tooth Needs Are Sorted At Theobroma In SDA!!

There is no way you would wanna miss out on Theobroma if you’re a true chocoholic! Theobroma is one of the best dessert parlours in existence where you can grab some delicious cupcakes, tarts, tea cakes, and what not. Name your favourite dessert and it’s here. If you are on a budget and you don’t want to spend much, then worry not. We have compiled a list for you that includes yummy sweet treats all under just 200 bucks! Have a look.

30 Second Window:

  • Theobroma offers a macroons in 6 flavours and moulded hand chocolates which are to die for! These macaroons are gonna cost you only 60 bucks and the mouthwatering moulded hand chocolate is only for INR 35!
  • Are you craving for heavenly pies and tarts? Your wait is over ’cause at Theobroma you can grab tarts and pies at just 100 bucks! From a tangy lemon flavour to toothsome chocolate tart, Theobroma is gonna cater for all your sweet needs.
  • Biscuits and cookies are something which we can never say no to. So why not head towards this amazing dessert parlour and order cheese biscuits, fudge cookies, almond fingers, etc starting from only INR 155.
  • Satisfy your cheesy sweet needs at Theobroma where you can get lip smacking croissants infused with parsley cream cheese at INR 70. You will want to run back to Theobroma almost every now and then after trying out the croissants served over here.
  • A good tea session is never complete without tea cakes on the side and what can be better than gulping down a fresh orange tea cake made with real juice? Yes, you heard it right. The orange tea cake at Theobroma is made with real juice and it is gonna cost you only 55 bucks.
  • A true chocoholic can never miss out on brownies and mousse specially when it starts from 65 bucks only! You won’t regret a single penny that you spend over here after trying out the walnut brownie and tiered temptation that is layered with three types of finger licking chocolate.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head towards Theobroma’s new outlet in the SDA Market of Delhi and go crazy over these ‘chocolicious’ desserts waiting just for you.
  • Remember that you need just 200 bucks in your pocket to indulge in the taste of heaven, only at Theobroma!

Sneak Peak | Theobroma, Shop 2, SDA Market

Phone | +91 8800022335

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