This International Music Ensemble Is Coming For Their Musical Tour! Mark Your Calendar

You’ve seen them playing their astounding music sets and perform impromptu jam sessions, but sadly only in the virtual world. Are you ready for a night dedicated to independent Sufi & rock fusion music? A night dedicated to not just one but a medley of dazzling performances of music, dance and poetry, all at the same stage. Featuring highly acclaimed International and Indian artists, you can now see them perform right in front of your eyes!

What To Expect?

If you’re a rock fan, you’ll be startled to know that the legendary rock and blues artist Bernie Marsden (former lead guitarist and singer of the band Whitesnake) is coming to blow your mind!


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What You’ll Love?

For the poetic souls, Shellee (renowned film lyricist of Dev D, Udtaa Punjab and Marziyaan) will be there to fill your hearts with his Evocative Poetry. The Terra Rosa Gypsies band will perform some uplifting melodies to high tempo rock beats. The Band features some of India’s accomplished rhythm and percussion artists.  Not just this, Bernie Marsden will jam live with the Terra Rosa Gypsies. Sounds breathtakingly beautiful right?


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Bottom Line

Don’t miss out this opportunity of witnessing international artists jam live with Indian artists and percussionists.

Where | Sirifort Auditorium

When | Wednesday, 16 January, 7 pm

Price | ₹500 onwards

Tickets | Book here

Location | Here

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