Jaadu: Your Personal Butler is Here To Save The Day

Unlike other weekends, it was a working one when our team was sweating it out on a hot afternoon. To reward them with something sweet as an incentive, we decided to order some delicious desserts. Unfortunately, all the ordering sites had a minimum order value and the team specifically craved for a brick of Kwality Walls vanilla ice-cream and nobody was ready to deliver a product worth just Rs.100. And, who would want to go down to the market in Delhi’s scorching heat. But, then we recalled Jaadu, a service we heard of over social media (Oh Yes, They are going viral) who guarantees to do anything and everything you want. Curious to try out what people were raving about coupled with our needs, we decided to drop a WhatsApp text to Jaadu.

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We shot a WhatsApp text to Jaadu’s number and to our utter amazement Jaadu’s operator Rooney shot us a text back almost immediately and asked us how we were? We told our butler-to-be that we were working on a hot summer afternoon and wanted some desserts to keep us going. Through another reply, Jaadu suggested that he could provide us with gulab jamuns and ice cream to which we replied that brownies would be a better choice. We also added that we wanted brownies from Open Oven and a Kwality Walls vanilla ice-cream brick. On Jaadu’s request, we sent him the complete address of the place in Malviya Nagar where we wanted our desserts to be delivered after which he requested us to give him a couple of minutes to work on and process my request.

Making payments was never easier.
Within a couple of minutes as promised, Jaadu Inc, sent us a tabulation of the charges I’d need to pay to which it had added a very nominal fees for their services which were as follows:
Mini walnut brownies: INR 151
Ice cream brick: INR 100
Jaadu delivery charges: INR 48
Jaadu Service Fee: INR 20
Total: INR 319
Jaadu also asked me if we’d like to pay on delivery. Unaware about everything regarding Jaadu’s services, we asked our butler if he had any provisions through which we could pay online. Jaadu informed us that we could via our debit card but we’d be levied an additional 3% which was acceptable by us. Promptly, Jaadu sent a payment link as a SMS on which I made the transaction in a hassle free manner. The extra charge levied was INR 10 which increased my total to INR 329.

More about Jaadu.
While Jaadu Inc did its work, we were curious to discover more about this service. As we probed further, we found out that Jaadu Inc. is a personalised concierge service which promises to take care of all your needs. One needs to call or message on 09818884394 like we did and they work on their motto “your wish is Jaadu Inc.’s command”. We also discovered that it is one of India’s fastest growing start-ups and is a Delhi based service but they’ve expanded their horizon to Noida as well. The services they offer can be clubbed broadly under butler services but they make sure all your errands are run timely and correctly. They deliver almost everything to your doorstep as and when you require it.  The butler also cares about its master’s safety so on being commanded takes it upon itself to book a cab. Also, Jaadu loves to plan trips and book cars or transport for its master. Not just that, Jaadu Inc provides with the very useful AC repair, ticket booking and food delivery services. Also, almost all reviews on their Facebook page were positive and spoke very highly of Jaadu Inc’s services.

DforDelhi’s verdict on Jaadu:
Finally in a short span of some time, we received our desserts from Jaadu Inc.


Surprisingly, unlike other services, we received a whatsapp message from Jaadu wherein he took feedback regarding its service after the delivery.

Completely pleased by their efficient and wonderful service, we decided that we would try and let more and more people know about Jaadu so that they don’t miss out on the great experience. And, there is nothing more we will love and cherish that Jaadu’s superb services! Hurray!


Check their website here and to get more updates, follow them on Facebook.

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