Good News-Canvas Laugh Club Is Here In Gurgaon

Canvas Laugh Club

Gurgaon, you got all the more reasons to pat your back for Canvas Laugh Club is opening up at Cyber Hub on the 17th of June, 2016

Inspired by all kinds of real people out there, People and Co. is established by the curators of Canvas Laugh Club. The proud space hopes to serve as a ground for creative juices to flow. People and co. is NCR’s first club which caters to collective experiences- music, dance, recitations, stand-up comedy coupled with delicious food and alcohol. The club aspires to celebrate individuality at its best.
Canvas Laugh Club

Revel in the banter @ Canvas

Canvas is a space within the People & Co. where all gigs, theater and musical performances are going to take place. And, did you know, it is currentlty the only comedy club of the country with seating capacity of approximately 240 people. Well, they also guarantee to set the house on fire and are going to make sure you enjoy a terrific evening here.

Creation and recreation are the two words this place will thrive on. As it is a breeding ground for artists of every sort, make sure to experience some amazing talent out here. The aim is to let people do whatever they love without any sense of fear from which the place derives its name. The comedy club is probably the highlight as it is started by curators of the most popular laugh club. Top artists will grace the stage with their presence and no one visiting will require any medicine post the gigs. Gear up to be left in splits in the only club dedicated to the genre of comedy.

Canvas Laugh Club

Eat Till You Drop @ Plate
The restaurant is unique and quirky in its own way as world-class chefs are flown in to go crazy and “cook up” whatever they like. More than a meal, you will be more likely to be surprised with a piece of culinary art served in front of you which will leave your taste buds craving for more. Bold yet distinct flavours will be brought together in each bite. Also, make sure you follow their motto “Eat till you drop”.

Canvas Laugh Club

Drink and Let Others Drink @ Public
The bar also has a motto of its own-“Drink and let drink”. Everyone who requires anything from coffee to cognac is welcome at anytime of the day (or night). The bar promises to cater to your musical needs with a fantastic line-up of musicians and sometimes, someone who believes he can work up a tune.
Canvas Laugh Club

For everyone who is a part of the association, monotony is unacceptable because they don’t believe in rules and embrace the experimental world without the fear of being labelled. Also, everyone in the zone is assured care, acceptance and the highest dosages of entertainment.

The club is intently hoping to see a huge bunch of people on its grand opening on 17th June.
Premises No. 5, Building 8 Tower B, Cyber City, Gurgaon

Phone – 0124 414 1000

Find them on Facebook, here

Know more about their gigs, visit their website here

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