Visit These Restaurants To Relive Delhi’s Old Charm

oldest restaurant

Food is what we swear by, food is what we live for.  All the foodies raise your hands in unison.  We are the generation of foodies- the ones who love to eat, share and repeat. But, we are not the only one. Times have changed and things are a hell lot different now. The only thing unscathed is the love for food and the oldest restaurants of Delhi that stand tall even today. Let’s relive our old Delhi charms. Here’s a list of ten of the oldest restaurant of Delhi that continues to win our hearts even today!

 1. Karim’s

Impossible is the word if  you are a foodie and if you haven’t heard about this oh so celebrated Karim’s. Established way back in 1913, the restaurant still shines through. It is a modest eatery with recipes passed down from generations after generations. Be it anytime of the day, Karim’s will never disappoint you. Also, who can say no to their Mutton Biryani except for vegetarians , of-course.

Location : Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Price : 800 for two

 oldest restaurant


 2. Kake Da Hotel

Kake da hotel with its alluring chicken curry and even paneer  has tightly held its customers since 1931. Authenticity of taste and perfect blend of spices being their USP, they continue to add to their family of customers. With outlets spread all over Delhi, this restaurant undoubtedly make its way to a foodie’s list.

Location : 67,Municipal Market, Connaught Circle

Price : 600 for two



3. United Coffee House

 When the world was busy fighting the second World war, United Coffee House was busy laying its foundation in 1942. Politicians, bureaucrats and others gathered here time and again. Along with its menu the restaurant still retains its aura of freedom. With gargantuan, crisp kheema samosa still on its list, this place can uplift your mood, instantly. Even though its a tad bit expensive, you can save this place for a special date with your grandparents, may be!

Price : 2200 for two


 oldest restaurant


4. Moti Mahal

Soaked in antiquity, it till date remains one of the finest restaurants of Delhi. It was the first restaurant of the world to introduce Mughlai and tandoori cuisines. With a nearly unchanged menu, which is very rightfully doesn’t need to, it continues to sway people from across the country. Like they say, Moti Mahal in itself is an experience.

Location : 3703, Netaji Subhash Marg, Daryaganj

Price : 1100 for two

oldest restaurant 


5. Embassy

Established in 1948, Embassy still retains its elegance. With the mouth savoring Tandoori Pompfret and Kakori Kebab, the  love for it remains as intact as ever. Even today it makes you travel back to the 70’s by playing old Bollywood instrumental while you enjoy your lip-smacking meal.

Location : 11-D, Connaught place

Price : 2000 for two

 oldest restaurant


6. Giani’s di Hatti

Set up in the early 1950’s by Gyani Gurcharan Singh, Giani’s continues to excite our taste buds with its rabri faluda and lickilicious daal halwa. Visit it anytime and you will still have to go through the exhausting long queues. But, after having tasted the faluda with that authentic dilli taste all you will do is breathe and say it was all worth it ( Trust us on this one). Expanding its market with the name Giani’s and selling ice creams all over, it is now a big name amongst all. Whenever in doubt, choose Giani’s.


Location : 651/ 52, Church Mission Road, Fatehpuri, Chandni Chowk

Price : 150 for two

 oldest restaurant


7. Nizam’s 

Amidst a rapid fire, watch someone say kathi rolls and Nizam’s is what pops up in your mind. Isn’t it? With its original outlet in Calcutta, Nizam’s made its way to Delhi 35 years ago .Planning to satiate those kathi cravings? Let Nizam be the answer. Competing with numerous roll joints in Delhi, it still makes its way to our hearts and most importantly to our stomachs. Why? Because it is the one that popularized the roll culture in Delhi and thus, we can never turn our back to this one.

Location : H-5/6, Plaza Building, Connaught place

Price : 900 for two

 oldest restaurant


8. Nirula’s

We have all been to Nirula’s once or twice or maybe more, for it is not just Delhi’s  but also India’s oldest fast food restaurant chain. Established way back in 1977,  this  restaurant has not only managed to keep its taste but its customers too. For, what is good is always cherished. It now has over 70 outlets in Delhi NCR alone. Yeah, you read that right!

Location : K-14, Outer Circle, Connaught Place

Price : 1100 for two

 oldest restaurants

9. Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wala

 As the name suggests, Paranthe wali gali has a whole range of shops serving about 100 different kind of paranthas since time immemorial ( with the lime one being our personal favorite). The most renowned shop of the gali is Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wale. Quick service, yumilicious taste and reasonable price is what makes them the best even today. Next time you visit Chandni Chowk kindly do not forget to have a plate full of paranthas here.

Location : 9074, Gali Paranthe Wale, Chandni Chowk

Price : 150 for two

oldest restaurants


10. Old Famous Jalebi Wala

The list is indeed incomplete without the Old Famous Jalebi Wala finding a special mention in it. Since ages they have been serving the best jalebis in the city and well they can never ever go down on their business. Their soul satisfying desi ghee jalebis is something we fail to find elsewhere.

Price : 200 for two

 oldest restaurant


When its about food, the list is a never ending one. And when the talk is about the food of the capital itself, it gets even more intense. Thus, no list can ever justify Delhi and its food. As they say Delhi is an experience worth treasured and so is its food. Happy eating everybody!


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