If You Haven’t Dated JAKE Yet, You’re Missing The Best Date In Town

All the single ladies – good day to you. Are you having a bad day, wondering why your last date didn’t go as you had imagined? Well fret no more. I am here and I intend to make your life sweeter with a date that you will remember for the rest of your life.
So whip out a spoon and cuddle up
Your day is about to get better
Your cake in a jar!

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Date? That too with a cake? Of course not, dating is a concept that JAKE wishes to elevate. The only guy in town that comes in a JAR and asks for nothing but your attention. Can you imagine that?

Why Date Jake?
  • JAKE promises to be the guy you always dreamed of – attentive, tasty and without a huge ego. The line of cakes in a jar come in many flavors that include: Baileys Triple Decker, Maple Apple, American Dream & Cherry Blossom among others.
  • JAKE keeps the flavors and freshness of the cakes intact to make every mouthful a surprise for your palate.
  • So, you can either enjoy your date with JAKE at the Whipped store in Delhi or in the security of your homes where nobody needs to know what goes down.
While we do not wish to discourage you from ‘dating’  other guys we would strongly suggest you think twice before doing that. JAKE is the man to beat.
Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him.
What more can we say? Jake is not here to take part in Delhi’s dating scene. He is here to take it over. Read on to know more about JAKE, how he came about and why he always stays fresh and smells like heaven.
JAKE is the fresh take on cakes created by Whipped to take your taste buds on a tour of the most tasty, lip smacking flavors from around the world. Baked fresh daily, Jake promises to make your sad, gloomy days happy and one that you will remember for a long time. So, pick up those phones and dial Whipped to set your date with the guy who doesn’t ask you your name or age.
So, pick up those phones and log onto www.whipped.in and set your date with JAKE.
About Whipped:
A unique concept for India – Whipped, established in 2009, is a dessert boutique that combines food & lifestyle, aimed at people who look for flavor, innovation, expertise & fun when it comes to their desserts.
Whipped is sinfully exciting, trendy & steeped in tradition. Specializing in authentic baked cheesecakes & handcrafted desserts made from the finest ingredients. The seasoned team of bakers uses old-school recipes with a twist to take your taste buds on cloud nine.
Contact Whipped At: +91-9560012777 / +91-11-41437878 / 011-41037878
Follow them here: Instagram | Facebook 
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