Listen Up Bookworms! Noida International Literature Festival Dates Are Out!

Where | Noida Golf Course Road

When | 27th October

Buy Tickets | Here

For all the bookworms out there in the blistering heat, here’s something that might cheer you up! The Noida International Literature Festival is bringing something amazing. It may not be the same as Jaipur Lit. Festival but it sure as hell is as big and as grand. In fact, we hear that more than 100 authors will be coming for the event!

A unique festival of wordsspoken and written – the literature festival will bring together some of the best minds. Both from India and abroad, all under one roof for some engaging discussions on serious matters and a few witty comments on the side.

One of the aims of the event will be to provide a life-changing opportunity to readers, audience and authors. The focus will be to turn their dream into reality by providing a publishing opportunity through the ‘I Am Author’ initiative.

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