Listen Up Coffee Lovers! Show-Off Your Bond With Coffee By Popping-Up At This Newbie In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Does your heart live upon that cup of coffee? If your day starts with that cup of joy then we’re calling you loud. Come and drop by this brand new cafe in town for their amah-zing variety of coffee. Oh yes, Cofee bond in Udyog Vihar will let you bond your yearning with that cup of delights.

coffee latte

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What To Expect?

From Cofee Latte to Beetroot Latte to Zesty Cold Brew, this place has everything to satisfy your coffee cravings. Also, we have been drolling upon their Bacon Omellete! OMG

bacon omellette

What You’ll Love?

Well, if you’re not much of a coffee fan, then these guys have scrumptious smoothies and juices. So drop by and devour everything!

Bottom Line

So when are we hearing from you?

Where | Sarhaul Abadi Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon

Price | ₹500 for two people

Location | Here

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