The Long Drink Festival @ Social Offline

Social has introduced half a dozen long drinks that are equally competent in their own right! Served in Social’s signature LIIT cylinders, you now have a chance to tank up like a warrior at a Social near you.

LIIT festival
If the heat has caught up with you already, then let us tell you, Winter is coming, indulgence in these LIIT’s to smooth of all the load.
Inspired from the famous series Game of Thrones, the names and the taste had to add to it!

LIIT festival
If you’re one who always pays your debts, the Lion’s Tail is definitely going to fall short if you’ve not already had a couple. This tumultuous concoction with a hint of Elder Flower tonic spells out fierce.

As for the rebellious, Ours Is the Fury and so is a tall glass of aggression with a twist of Orange juice. Break free from all your inhibitions, as the Blood of the Dragon is here to ‘burn them all’ down with its intense flavour. The Sunspear on the other hand, is sure to leave you unbowed, unbent and unbroken by the end of the night…or maybe the other way around if you please.

LIIT festival
If those spoilers weren’t enough to pique your interest, we don’t know what else could be. Further, hold the door for a little game of Ice & Fire; it’s fair to say we know what tune you’d be humming once you’re done with your taste buds battling between the docility of Lavender and boldness of Jalapeno. Next up is The White Walker – embrace the chill when you hear the name for there’s more to this drink than the naked eye can see. Valar Morghulis- this one is as fatal as it sounds, but I guess it goes without saying; all men must drink! ­And without a second thought, it stood the most favorite out of all.

So Happy Drinking @ Social Offline!

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