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Hats off acessories

Inspired by contemporary British haute culture, Hats Off Acessories designs and creates exclusive, handcrafted accessories, and footwear.

The style represented through their collections is lively, yet sophisticated and refined. The brand promises traditional craftsmanship guaranteed to deliver products that all women would love to flaunt. The company is a pioneer for formal women footwear and since the company believes that every piece of footwear has a story to tell, theirin-house team works diligently to craft affordable luxury items on the same lines.The brand looks at styling women achievers, who want to rule the city and carry the world in their brogues. With Hats Off, comfort and style goes hand in hand.

Hats Off also takes pride in its timeless, elegant creations and the products’ ability to transcend time, age and generation.

Hats Off Acessories

The Summer Collection

The women’s collection for spring summer ‘16 is a perfect display of feminine designs merging with comfort to fashion designs inspired by the classics. With a variety of shoes available, one now has the choice to pick up a pair which matches their unique personal style.

The merchandise ranges from seductive burnish shades to boisterous sporty chic and vintage elegance to vibrant summer collections.

Hats Off Acessories


Summer Colours

The season of summer is synonymous with vibrant hues thatmatch your mood to the moment.

Hats Off’s bold, bright colours with tropical hues splashed across end up being sure-fire hits in all events. All you need to do is a pick a colour for yourself for summer ‘16 and choose a kitzypair in the same hue. Don’t miss out on your favourite shade in the rainbow riot.


Hats Off Acessories

Casual Detailing

As the brand prides itself in effortlessly merging the past with the present, the summer collection reflects the same. Treasured artisan techniques belonging to the past have been revived to give you pairs of shoes which are relaxed yet chic. So, don’t miss out on the futuristic vintage look the brand has to offer. The beautiful shoes will definitely compliment your sundresses well and add a certain zsa-zsa-zu factor.

Brogues reflect true retro culture – they are complete with several variants with intricate weaving and patent leather to provide the customer with variety throughout the season.

Hats Off Acessories


Lately, you must have seen the most fashionable celebs nail the androgyny,but if you’re still hesitant to try it, find solace in Hats Off’s designs. Thesestellar shoes work just as well at work as they do as while partying at night.

Hats Off Acessories

The collection of androgynous shoes is a medley of clever, versatile and smart looking brogues.

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