Have you checked out the brand new lifestyle site, Lulu & Sky?

Lulu & Sky

The Indian fashion arena has a new trend setter in town. Say hello! to Lulu & Sky. The brand is already on the hotlist of our favourite Indian celebrities such as Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra.

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Why Lulu & Sky?

  • They are offering almost all the dressing ranges which a shopaholic woman can dream of.
  • Moreover, they have a separate section for the curvy lassies.
  • Men have a small section dedicated to themselves too.
  • And young girls too have their separate section.

And not to forget, Lulu & Sky has a great leather range to complement all the clothing. So, fill in your virtual wallets (demonitisation man!) and head out to a wonderful shopping spree. And yes, they have a great exchange and refund policy.

So, don’t you worry child, cause Lulu & Sky has a plan for you.

To shop click here.

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