Smart Dustbin For A Smart World @ CP!

Smart World

NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) has installed a smart dustbin in Connaught Place.

“The smart dustbin seems like the smartest way to announce to a smart world, how smartly they can dispense waste materials”

30 Second Window:

  • So, how does it work? Insert a plastic bottle into the smart dustbin & get a free attractive coupon with each material dispensed.
  • The machine automatically processes the entire transaction that includes a) dispensing of the waste material & b) dispensing of the free coupons.
  • NDMC recently installed the machine to help boost recycling efforts in the city. So, you too can help in keeping Delhi clean, safe & environmentally friendly.

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Smart enough for you?

Head to CP if your curiosity level is going through the roof! The dustbins have been installed at public plaza, radial roads & in public corridors.

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