Lustful Ice Creams From London And Chaat – Snapchat’s Desi Roots Is Absolutely MAD!

Lustful Ice Creams From London And Chaat - Snapchat's Desi Roots Is Absolutely MAD!

The only thing you need to do now is nod your head and head to Snapचaat! Snapchat’s desi brother – a delicious friend of ours has some sweet surprises and street food waiting for you. It’s easy to understand why this place is quirky and attracts people – it’s name is a plus point besides the already jaw-dropping menu! And that’s not it. The good people here dish out one heck of an ice cream! Be it dark chocolate flavours or the soothing lust of vanilla, these guys have some exotic flavours to turn up the heat!

30 Second Window:

  • Snapचaat is an amazing rendition of everything Snapchat means to us. We use it every day – just like hogging on food here is a mouth-watering sin for the daily hogger! Whether its exotic chilled dishes or desi street food, they got it all.
  • The street food menu here is short, crispy, khatta meetha and everything spicy! The good people here understand you better than most others. How did you ask?  Well, what better way to soothe your burning tongue after some chaat but with some exotic ice cream?
  • Snapचaat serves a good number of ice cream flavours from London. The best of them has to be the chocolate sin! People like it, they eat and they share it. Imagine 5 people hogging on the same plate of ice cream, wondering why they heard of this place before!
  • Well, now you have! So, what’s the hold-up? Snapchat may not be Indian, but its brother most certainly IS! And what better way to get into the evening groove, huh? Save that with slurpy melting ice cream, a bag full of spicy, chat pata, khatta meetha chaat, eh?

So, before we take your leave and tell you where this place is.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • You take your entire crew, and family to this place. It’s small with minimal space but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their dishes standing outside or inside your car?
  • Yep, you can park your cars near the shop, give and take your order & hog yo!

And if you’re interested in some ice cream parlour near your place, read our blog post on it here.

Location | Kaushambi (as soon as you get out of the station, take a right toward the societies. Snapचaat is in the small market to your left!)

Nearest Metro Station | Kaushambi

And Pay | INR 50 for chaat & INR 250 for ice cream (approximately)

Featured Image | DforDelhi

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