Rajiv Chowk: Connecting Delhi!

Rajiv Chowk

Rajiv Chowk

Rajiv Chowk metro station,  located in the heart of Delhi is one of the busiest metro stations on the network. It is a transfer station of the blue line and yellow line. Conveniently located,  many important office buildings, restaurants, cafes, shopping places lie just above it.

This station is like that one friend of ours whom we don’t like but still is an essential part of our life.  Here are a few reasons why we love but also hate Rajiv Chowk metro station

Never ending queues

The station is always overcrowded. From entering the station to taking the token and to boarding the metro, you always have to stand in long queues (what about renaming the station to Rajiv Choked?). People are always pushing each other, trying to act smart by skipping the queues and  sometimes even fighting with each other for no reason.

Creepy people

It irritates a lot getting hit by sweaty, smelly people (wearing fake Ray Bans) and the ones carrying big bags (aarrghh!). There is always one passenger who will ask you “ye Chandni Chowk ke lie kaunsi metro leni padegi?”

The good part is you come across your old acquaintances sometimes an old school friend, a college friend, office colleague or maybe your cousin. (gone are the days of Nokia- Connecting people)


Amongst the crowd are the couples having the time of their life. They don’t care if they are blocking the way, they would still sit on those stairs hand in hand, lost in their fantasy world, indulging in PDAs and giggling all the time (how cute, isn’t it?).


Gossiping or bitching about someone or the other, giving constant updates to their boyfriends that they are at the Rajiv Chowk metro station. The fat aunties are always alert and ready to push while boarding and deboarding the train (Did you know you can travel without pushing and speaking?)

CCD at every corner

Every time you pass by the aroma of coffee from CCD always attracts. CCDs at Rajiv Chowk metro station are a boon for all—coffee lovers, poor travellers who didn’t find good food all day, boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends and even those wanting to take a chill pill. While they act as a boon it is very difficult and confusing to find out sometimes at which outlet has been our friend waiting.

Station’s Location

The station is located at the centre point of the city. The convenience to reach out the mid point of the city makes a good  reason of plans of hanging out with friends  successful. A place where a Rohini friend meets a Dwarka friend, a Saket friend meets a NOIDA friend and then they decide where to actually go.

Rajiv Chowk

From the crowd to hustle and bustle of the station, it  gives you perfect “being a typical Indian feel”. Love it or hate it you will always need it.


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