#Beervana | Connaught Place Will Soon Have Delhi’s First Microbrewery!


It’s true guys! Connaught Place will soon play host to Delhi’s first microbrewery & it’s going to be mad! So, ignore the ride to Gurgaon for a microbrewery experience ’cause Delhi’s own Ministry of Beer is building our city’s first microbrewery. And we can’t stop thinking about it.

30 Second Window:

  • We recently had a friendly chat with Delhi’s beer giant, MOB Brewpub in CP and they were kind enough to let us in on a secret!
  • The MOB Brewpub is set to open its door to us on 5th April but we were told that the license for the microbrewery will hopefully be granted in the coming few months.
  • Good for us, right? No need to go for a long drive to Gurgaon to taste the sweet, savoury flavour of wheat beer! In the meanwhile we all can always go guzzle down a specially curated list of drinks before we kick off 2017 with a microbeer(y) good time!
  • Besides, a touchdown here at MOB will also mean a possible chance to admire the soon to open microbrewery! So, give your eyes & taste buds a treat & hope that we soon have a microbrewery in our midst!

We’re sure that you will go mad too as soon as these guys reveal the date for their Microbrewery launch! But in the meanwhile we can always enjoy their extensive list of a alcohol along with the best food junkie menu we’ve seen in a while. The ambience is enchanting to the core with a beautiful rustic feel along with an open air dance area – these guys have it all to make 2017 the best year of our lives!

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head for the biggest launch party of the season at MOB Brewpub in Connaught Place! We’re sure as hell when we say that it’s going to be totally mad out there.

In the meanwhile, if you think we’re kidding, go check out MOB’s Facebook page here. And pay special attention to their About section, and you’ll know we are telling the truth!

When: 5th April | Microbrewery Launch To Be Revealed Later

Where: MOB Brewpub, Connaught Place

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