Take A Bite Off Summers With Delhi’s Top 10 Ice Cream Parlours!

Ice Cream

Summers are here & its hotter & stronger than ever before. But how to beat it? ICE CREAM! That’s how. Ice cream or as many people like to call it, the ultimate chill dish for a never ending  sweet tooth surprise is the perfect binge eating getaway these days, especially  with the temperature soaring high!

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30 Second Window:

  • We have listed down for you the best ice cream parlours in Delhi for a summer afternoon & evening binge to give yourself that ultimate sweet tooth fix!
  • These places are spread across Delhi & can be found dishing out the creamiest ice creams in town with no compromise on flavour!
I. Movenpick Ice Cream

Considered to be one of the best ice cream parlours in town, Movenpick is the epitome of creamy, slushy, ice creams. Their ice creams never get too old for us to gorge on! They have got an extensive list of the best, creamiest dollops of ice cream, some of them ones that we haven’t heard of! Nestled in a sweet little corridors of Select Citywalk, Movenpick offers guests an ice cream experience that will melt you in today’s scorching heat. You must try their – Double Scoop Panna Cotta with delish hint of Raspberry Sauce!

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Where: Select Citywalk | GK II | Noida Sector 18 | DLF Phase 4

Price For Two: ₹650

II. Frugurpop

A timely addition to NCR’s sweet tooth, Frugurpop is the perfect setting for all who wish to bite off of summers big dollops of creamy, ice cream! Their never ending & ever expanding menu of ice creams & authentic Mexican Ice Popsicle is heaven sent to help beat the summer blues. So, in case you find yourself dripping with sweat, just rush down to any of their two outlets to get your chill fix! While here, you must try their – Mixed Berries ice cream & Strawberry Ice Popsicle!

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Where: Aerocity | Sector 29

Price For Two: ₹300

III. Azote

In the midst of all the hoolabaloo going in SDA, what comes as a sweet, creamy surprise is Azote & their delectable list of the yummiest ice creams in the area! These guys take their ice creams very seriously, so if you find their creamy delights to be heaven sent, don’t feel surprised. They dish out the taste bud teasing ice creams every day so we can beat the heat with easy & chill attitude of the ice creams themselves. Don’t even think of missing out on their – any flavour. Most of their ice creams are prepared using liquid nitrogen, so its gonna be a feast for both your eyes & your palate!

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Where: SDA Market

Price For Two: ₹500

IV. Giani’s

For the love of authentic Belgian & desi ice creams, Ginai’s is the best ice cream parlour for the creamiest ice cream in Delhi. These guys have been dishing out lip smacking, heaven sent ice creams since 1956. When we think about these guys, we think of artisan techniques to bring flavour bomb over flavour bomb with each scoop of ice cream! And it’s never enough to praise these guys, since they mastered the technique of dishing out the best ice creams decades back! Our one & only solution to all your summertime heat sadness – Giani’s special Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream!

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Where: Pandara Road | Karol Bagh | Chandni Chowk | Kamla Nagar

Price For Two: ₹400

V. Natural Ice Cream

Now coming down the best natural flavour ice cream parlour in town, Natural Ice Cream. These guys are the epitome of organic ice creams made to perfection using artisan techniques! No matter where you come from, no matter where you’re going – these guys have got your backs. If binging on ice cream is what you dream about all day long, don’t miss out on their – Choco Chip Cone, Manog Sundae & Pune Aplle Papaya!

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Where: Lajpat Nagar | Hauz Khas | GK II

Price For Two: ₹150

VI. Niice Cream

Don’t feel surprised by reading their name, these guys aren’t niice, they are silently brilliant! If you love sinful desserts this place is the place to be. You can beat the heat, you can beat a crazy bill & you most certainly can beat the week long blues with their #nomnom flavour bombs! In addition to a long list of creamy ice cream these guys also dish out some crazy tasting waffles, if you’re sweet tooth sinner like us! Don’t forget to slurp on their – Rum n Raisin, TRDLO Roll & mostly everything else they have in their menu!

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Where: HKV | Tagore Garden | Saket

Price For Two: ₹300

VII. Havmor

Keep having more at Havmor – one of the quirkiest & creamiest ice cream walas in town! These people have a simple funda – make the best possible creamy ice cream in town & help guests slurp & keep slurping on their extensive range of ice creams. Just imagine the number of ice creams you can have here. When we first heard of this place we rather skeptical, until their ice creams flooded our taste palate with the creamiest tasting ice creams!

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Where: Rajinder Nagar | Kamla Nagar | Hauz Khas | Janakpuri

Price For Two: ₹300

VIII. Cherry Comet

Look up to the skies above & wait for the biggest, creamiest dollop of ice cream fly across to you! The comet of an ice cream is just as round as its namesake & even better considering its one of the best list ice creams in town. If you’re a fan of desserts then this place should definitely be in the list of places you must visit for an ice cream experience like never before! While here, we suggest you dive into their – Horlicks Ice Cream made using liquid nitrogen!

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Where: DLF Cyber City

Price For Two: ₹400

IX. Kulfiano

Who doesn’t love big dollops of ice cream in their mouths? Well these guys are the masters of chill dessert like ice cream kulfi whipped to feed your dessert cravings day in & day out! They have multiple location popping around town to feed the very soul of Delhi the creamiest flavours it has ever had! We suggest you try their – Chocolate, Strawberry & Mango ice cream kulfi!

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Where: Def. Col. | Vijay Nagar | Lajpat Nagar 4 | HKV | Saket | Janakpuri

Price For Two: ₹200

X. Kuremal Mohan Lal, Kulfi Wale

We found this great shop in Chawri Bazar that sells Stuffed Ice Cream Kulfi. It’s Ice Cream Kulfi stuffed in Mango &  the shop is – Kuremal Mohan Lal, Kulfi Wale! Ya’ll will start tripping as soon as their dessert enters your mouth. Being Ice Cream Kulfi, of course you’re gonna have to eat it cold but SUMMERS are here! We couldn’t stop tripping while gulping down plates after plates! Try their – Mango ice cream kulfi for sure!

Where: Chawri Bazar

Price For Two: ₹250

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  • That you get your sweet tooth fix right this summers with any of these or all the ice cream parlours we’ve listed above!

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