Hand Tossed Pizza, Wood Fired Oven – We Found Delhi’s Newest Pizzeria & It’s Mind Blowing!

Napoli Pizza

We have good news for you Dilli! A new pizzeria has opened shop & its oozing cheesy delights with a bang! Napoli Pizza, is our newest love in town. What separates the peeps here at Napoli Pizza is their method of making pizzas – which is also one of the toughest. Called Neapolitan pizzas, these guys have mastered the technique of producing some of the best pizzas in town, that look like tandoori rotis! Only better tasting & cheesier than anything you’ve put in your mouth!

30 Second Window:

  • Napoli Pizza has a short menu of about 10 pizzas and we’re glad that they stuck to this number considering all their bakes are heaven sent. Besides, only these guys use the Neapolitan pizza method, so its gotta be great!
  • All their pizzas are baked using a wood fired oven that gives the best taste, the best melted cheese & the most amazing tasting sauces! The pizzas are to die for simply because they melt in your mouth even before you realised that your friend stole the rest of it!
  • Napoli Pizza only delivers to our homes, so if you wanna taste these good godly pizzas, you’re gonna have to order home a cheesy delight! Try their – Quattro Formaggi Pizza, Nduja, Napoli Speciale, Pepperoni Pizza & the usual Margherita Pizza!

Ps. If we were to give them a stars out of 5, we would probably end up giving these masters of grub a 10! It’s no surprise that these guys are making some serious noise. Why? Well have you ever come across a pizzeria that has followers & patrons from North to South & East to West? Napoli Pizza is the next big pizza thing in town and we can’t wait to demolish more of their pizzas!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you munch on these crispy, fluffy heaven sent pizzas that will make you go *whoot* *whoot*!!!

Searching for Napoli Pizza? Check out their Facebook page here.

Sneak Peak | Safdarjung Enclave

And Pay | ₹800 for a couple

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