CM of Delhi- ARVIND KEJRIWAL has finalized a big and stunning NEW YEAR resolution for Delhi city. Resolution for making the pollution REDUCTION IN THE CITY. From January 1, 2016, the rule of odd and even numbered car will be implemented in which on alternate days, odd and even numbered private vehicles will be allowed on Delhi roads. For an instance of this proposal, the majority says- this is very impractical idea and it wouldn’t roll out any real improvement in the city. Moreover, it is quite tricky and needs attention on a few issues before implementation of the proposal.

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Yes, everyone is talking about this rule. Pros and cons started taking a face with different views of the city’s residents. Many yes and no can be easily heard up. But the fact of the matter is that Delhi is highly dense with the private cars then the population which increases every year than the previous one. Outsiders of Delhi and the localities both use Buses or metro or auto for their daily traveling, but still the problem of traffic is there.  Don’t you think it’s a perfect time to think about and to set our priorities? The answer is surely YES…


As the city has the widest roads, being a central state of India, have an efficient public transport and the best base over  across the world but still Delhi is facing the worst traffic conge station. Delhi is rewarded as the most polluted city; Beijing is left far behind in this race. As a citizen, it’s equally our responsibility to take the action and carry a hope with this rule to make our own home clean. So, STOP BEING CRITICAL about this idea as it is in its initial stage will be on a trial base for the first 15 days from January 1.and yes, this idea is already implemented successfully in Beijing.

Here, many arguments and questions are raised in the mind of common as it is very difficult for someone to accept the big change. Let’s look out on some of those:

  • Flexibility of vehicles:  very aggressively, Delhiites raising the question about the freedom of private vehicles and flexible use of it. FACT is – Delhi has enough to cater the number of vehicles on roads and enough to have a POISON AIR. Do you think the obsession of cars and showing of it as a status symbol led all this? Yes, it is a bitter truth. The thought of car pooling has been introduced for a long time, but Delhiites haven’t enthused about working an answer for themselves. When all fails, comprise is unavoidable. For the sake of better air-which is a basic need- implementation of rule is seems like a worthful.. Right!!
  • ROLE AND WORKING OF TRAFFIC POLICE: few major guidelines will be followed for the smooth processing. Number plates could be shaded in different colors as an identification of odd and even numbers. That could be observing the defaulter easily. New cars will get this facility from Janurary1, 2016.  If you already have a car then you get your car updated as per the authority’s guideline. Such easy rules and many other like this will be followed up to make the working of traffic police more effectively. Government may increase the number of buses or metros round for the convenience of layman.
  • Handling of emergency case or for late night’s returners:  Of course, the government can’t take charge on medical or other emergency. Cars or ambulance will be excused or anything more effective. Every rule takes time to get its perfect form for that many modifications and many failures come across but the point is how much we as a citizen adopts it seriously. Special passes or entry cards can be taken place for this that needs to travel with their own vehicles every day.
  • Possibility of buying two cars: this could be a genuine concern. In such only higher income people afford two cars for both days such Delhi has a small percentage of such people.

This method is also known as road space rationing. The major challenge for the implementation of this rule is no one is ready to follow the basic traffic rules then how will this rule effectively work in the city. Before the implementation the residents have already decided that this will not happen. Kuch nahi ho sakta , sirf battein hi ho sakti hai government etc.. After a very long time Delhi is going to face a big change that may take time to get a proper shape but this idea is long run idea and very beneficial as well. Do you want to live in the city of GAS CHAMBER?

BE A RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN  and try to work with this rule for its success , for own success and for our city.

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