#NewInTown: SDA Has A Ravishing New Burger And Sandwich Joint!

#NewInTown: SDA Has A Ravishing New Burger And Sandwich Joint!

If you can’t resist stuffing your face with some cheesy delights, bomb flavours and meaty patties, there’s a new burger & sandwich joint in SDA and you need to visit it…TODAY! So, start jumping on your beds, ladies and gentlemen! Because hot-pink burgers and Masterchef worthy meals are slowly taking over Delhi and we’re so stoked to tell you about it.

30 Second Window:

  • Don’t even blink an eye and just start gobbling down the burgers these guys are offering! With bread freshly baked at the back, the good people at Between Buns have a foodie’s soul.
  • Using a special selection of premium bread, Between Buns is your best bet for that daily need to *crunch* *munch* and *slurrrppp*! Their menu is extensive featuring big fat burgers with fried eggs, bacon and gods know what not!

  • A mouthful of their ravishing desserts is akin to overdosing on something that looks like a Michelin star dish! And it is just a few metro stations away with absolute bomb looks and flavours.
  • So, if at all you’re famished, and the hunger lust inside is calling, we highly recommend a short trip to this burger heaven! You can eat sitting on their easy chairs under the comfortable soothing lights. Or get food packed so your midnight grub is sorted!
  • Everything you ever imagined or dreamt of eating – ‘Between Buns’ will make it come true, no questions asked!

So, enough said?

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you drive down TODAY, TOMORROW, EVERYDAY and go mad hogging on delicious meals set to fire up the foodie inside!

Ps. don’t forget to check out Between Bun‘s Facebook page for more details!

Location | C13, SDA Market, Opposite IIT Delhi, SDA

And Pay | INR 1,500 for two

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