Noida’s Only Bar Exchange Is Giving Beer & Vodka Shots For INR 95! *SCOOT* People!

Noida's Only Bar Exchange Is Giving Beer & Vodka Shots For INR 95! *SCOOT* People!

Ladies and Gents! Now you don’t need to travel to Hauz Khas Village or Gurgaon to chill with friends over a few drinks! Why? Because Noida just got its first ever Bar Exchange and it’s absolutely smashing! Ps. we just dropped you a hint. Did you notice?

30 Second Window:

  • DLF Mall of India is known for bringing some of the best entertainment and gastronomic experiences to town. But what if we told you that it’s also the mall that is bringing Noida it’s first ever Bar Exchange?
  • YAAAS PEOPLE! Smaaash has started the Noida’s first ever Bar Exchange.   Designed to offer a real stock exchange feels, there’s now way you wanna miss this.
  • Smaaash has added few proprietary software & trading servers that add to the good vibes. In fact, the good people at Smaaash have lined LCD screens, LED tickers and the legendary stock market ‘gong’ to complete the experience!

Noida's Only Bar Exchange Is Giving Beer & Vodka Shots For INR 95! *SCOOT* People!

  • Get wines for as low as INR 160, beer for INR 95, imported whiskey for INR 185 & vodka shots for INR 95!! How dank is that? And it doesn’t end there! The prices of the drinks obviously fluctuate with the demand, so if you’re hosting a party, PARTY HARD!
  • You know what that means, right? When the market crashes, you can have all your favourite drinks at rock bottom prices! And trust us, when we tell you that when the market crashes – you’re gonna wanna be there.
  • Besides, with a beautifully lit ambience, SMAAASH is not just offering an amazing bar exchange but also the best arcade experience you can get in Delhi! Ps. SMAAASH spreads across enough floor space to house a bowling alley, VR cricket, a huge arcade and more!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you turn your heads toward Noida, because at SMAAASH you not just get to drink and party hard, you also get to feed the gamer in you!

So, while you’re heading there, do check out their Facebook page for more information here.

Location | SMAAASH, DLF Mall of India

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