5 Reasons To Eat, Drink & Meet New Ppl At The North Delhi Treasure Hunt!

North Delhi Treasure Hunt

MYOLO like its past few events is bringing a new way to meet people. Meet – The North Delhi Treasure Hunt! The biggest treasure hunt, in & around North Campus, will make take you on Tuk Tuk rides for the most part of the journey. But it will also take you on culinary journey. Why? What better way to meet new people than at a cafe?

30 Second Window:

  • The whole idea behind this concept is to bring the students of the campus together for fun activities in a controlled environment. This, while also providing the perfect scenarios for healthy conversation.
  • There are over 5000 students in the campus, who might see each other every day but fail to converse to. Well MYOLO wishes to change that & bring people together! So, check out these reasons –
I. Food

So, MYOLO has tied up with a few cafes and it looks like the participants will be in for a foodie treat as they go around North Campus! You can expect a dig out at Uncle Tom for maggi breaks & other street food.

II. New Companionship

Since the plan is to bring together all the students our for a mass getaway, this is the best place to make new friends. Friends who you might even chill with for the next 3 years, if you are in 1 st year!It’s easy to make friends if you are nice to people, so if you’re really in need of a companion, chill out at the treasure hunt!

III. Rediscover North Delhi

If you think that you know every nook and corner of North Campus and surrounding areas, MYOLO has got a Tuk Tuk savari for all of you! The trip will take you far and wide into North Delhi while you look at new & old things both! So, carry a bottle of water & keep chatting with your new friends while on the go!

IV. Games & Other Ice Breakers

The entire will not bore you, we know that for sure. Because MYOLO has some fun filled activities planned along with a few surprises! In fact, we hear that there will be a lot of laughter with a chance to some cool hampers too!

V. No Worrying About Tuk Tuk For Rides

MYOLO has already arranged for Tuk Tuks for you to ride on while going around the entire North Delhi area! So, how about it? Don’t you think this is the best midweek plan ever?

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you register yourself for North Delhi Treasure Hunt and go make some new friends, rediscover North Delhi, eat & have FUN!

DU students! Register yourself here. And check out more things about The North Delhi Treasure Hunt on MYOLO’s Facebook page!

When: 29th March

Where: North Campus

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