Pearl Academy Students Showed Off Some Really Cool Fashion Statements At AIFW’17!

Pearl Portfolio 2017
  • Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 was yet another round of showing the world that style never goes out of time & that fashion is ageless. The students of Pearl Academy were given a chance to showcase their designs – also part of their final projects to the industry and to the media! We couldn’t stop gushing over all the gorgeous designs we got to see and couldn’t help but share with you a few photos & anecdotes from the Fashion Week!

30 Second Window:

  • Some of the best designs that we saw on the last day included a beautiful gem, yet thought provoking line of ensembles by Devyani Kharbanda called Raunaq. ‘Raunaq’ is a collection of 5 ensembles celebrating bright colors in the union of two souls. It is made out of waste material (kataran) and developed by using various techniques into interesting surfaces which are usable and wearable.
  • Other than that, we also found a clear modern vision in Sabi a new line derived from the Japanese culture of Sabi. Literally it means – ‘The Bloom Of Time & Gradual Degradation Of All Things In Nature’. The entire line is a beautiful rendition on how old things matter a lot no matter how far behind time it may be.
  • These are few ideas that we’re sure will someday rock the fashion industry along with all the other students who showcased lines that they believe in, understand every quiver of its beating heart.

So, check out this photo story from the last day of AIFW’17 we put together for you. Some of these designs are amazing and left the crowd in silent awe.



DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you keep yourself prepared in the fashion loop, ’cause the summers have only just been set on fire! It’s gonna get much hotter!

So, in the time you have between now & buying all those new clothes off the shop shelves, check out Pearl Academy’s Facebook page for more information!

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