Nueva, Fatty Bao, Café Delhi Heights – Here’s An Epic Journey Through Sangam Courtyard!

Perched in the high streets of South Delhi is an eclectic zone called Sangam Courtyard! Imagine this – remember the tents they built in the Harry Potter movies? They looked small from the outside and humongous from the inside! Well, Sangam Courtyard is a bit like that. It looks small and everything like the other malls in Delhi, but inside it’s a bubbling pot of energy that just never sleeps!

30 Second Window:

  • Sangam Courtyard in South Delhi is majorly known for two things – the restaurants and an epic theatre! With 9 restaurants under its wings, the mall keeps bringing something new every season.
  • And to make your life a heck of a lot more rainy and fun, Sangam Courtyard brings to you a South American delight in Nueva! Virat Kohli recently launched his flagship restaurant here and it’s absolutely LIT AF.
  • So, shall we take a journey through Sangam’s corridors and touch its beating food and entertainment heart? It is by far one of the best places in Delhi to peace out after a long day at work and offers to put a smile on your face with all its haunts!


Delhi’s first South American cuisine restaurant, Nueva, is making heads turn with its flawless environment. The first restaurant ever to serve South American cuisines is making some serious noise. The meals here include some lip-smacking dishes of tapas, pork & a variety of meats. At Nueva, eat with caution, ’cause their food is highly addictive and you will want to call in on this restaurant almost every now and then!

Fatty Bao

One of the most loved restaurants in Delhi – Fatty Bao is a burst of energy with tons of flavours and everything delicious in between! Fatty Bao has two variants – the special menu and the normal, yet delicious set of other meals! The special menu has some amazing dishes like Mi-S0-Happy, Sesame Street and BigBamBoom! And yes, the other has some delicious offerings like Sushi Rolls, Dim-Sums, Gyoza, Baked Wontons and more. Wanna get fat? Head to Sangam Courtyard today and run toward Fatty Bao.

Cafe Delhi Heights

For all the Biryani lovers in Delhi, you cannot miss out on their brown rice biryani from the superfood menu. From Indian to European food, almost everything is available here. Plus, you can get some really refreshing drinks over here which will help you beat the heat specially in this blazing hot weather of Delhi.


After a heavy lunch or dinner, what better way to end the day but with a movie at Sangam Courtyard’s PVR? The movie theatre is, of course, the most loved in Delhi and offers to our eyes a grand time! So, if at all you’re going for a long drive with pals, we highly recommend a stop over at Sangam Courtyard for a late night movie.

Here’s a fun fact we wish to leave you with before we sign off. The chefs at the 9 cafes and restaurants in Sangam Courtyard are celebrated names in the culinary world and we wonder how many you’ll be able to guess –

Fatty Bao is owned by restaurateur AD Singh and the menu has been created by Chef Manu Chandra. Café Diva is owned by Chef Ritu Dalmia, while the Delhi Club House’s menu has been conceptualised by Chef Marut Sikka and Nueva’s by Chef Michael Swamy.

While Ziu has an amazing menu created by Chef Gurmehar Sethi, the dessert menu at Theos was created by Chef Gaurav Wadhwa.

Ps. Here’s a list of all the outlets in Sangam Courtyard that you can check out on your next visit!

1) Fatty Bao by Chef Manu Chandra

2) Café Diva by Chef Ritu Dalmia

3) Delhi Club House by Chef Marut Sikka

4) Nueva by Chef Michael Swamy

5) Ziu by Chef Gurmehar Sethi

6) Theos by Chef Gaurav Wadhwa

7) Altitude Deli

8) Café Delhi Heights

9) Starbucks

10) The Fragrance People

11) Accessories Zone

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • A long drive down to Sangam Courtyard with your pals, that special someone or your family to enjoy some delicious meals and an uber-cool movie station at the PVR!

In the meanwhile, do check out Sangam Courtyard’s Facebook page here.

Location | Sangam Courtyard, Major Somnath Marg, Sector 9, R K Puram

Nearest Metro Station | AIIMS

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