Odd-Even Rule Likely To Come Back If Delhi Air Quality Worsens!

Where | New Delhi

After a yet another severe rise in the poor air quality in Delhi Рnews is doing the rounds that odd-even may be coming back! The Supreme Court on Thursday mandated that the NCR states must gear up to for another round of tough decisions.

Starting November 7, the air quality index in the city touched ‘severe’ levels. On 9th November, it touched the highest of the season – 486. On November 14, after a week of foul air, the AQI came down to 308.

If the EPCA had notified the emergency action plan when 7 days of smog enveloped the city, measures including a ban on entry of trucks, construction activities and rollout of the odd-even scheme will have to be enforced in the city.

Which also includes a reprisal of the odd-even rule!

So, gear ya’ll!

Read more on this here.

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